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Khagendra Thapa Magar died in Pokhara

Khagendra Thapa Magar died in Pokhara who holds the world record as a person, has passed away. He died Friday afternoon at Manipal Hospital. He is great person from our country Nepal make it world wide . Smallest man in the world wide.

How bad it feels to hear such sad hours yesterday that there has been condemnation. This man was named overseas in the World. If there was a smaller one, then there was a better sediment.

The bird should be born in Dirty if it is smaller than the word He was born on Ashar 19, 2049 B.S. At birth, Khagendra was only 600 gram. The last time she weighed only 5.5 kg. The work here has been good in the country.

People have named their country as a child. This thing is going to be in the World called the World will be folded if you die. He’s place of birth was great.

Hope he soul is rest in peace in heaven. Hope his inter dreams will be ended it now. He give a some knowledge things towards the people. As smallest person also make a it name in world wide side to record it. He were died on pokhara since yesterday. When i open to social media side i seen this news to very much feels to see a image towards him.

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