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Today i visit Kristi kaski

Today i visit Kristi, kaski with my scotor at evening time. After we went on married place on pokhara valley. Even he were too much urgent to come there to make it fixed a problem of machine with my father also it there. Even we leave that place at 2p.m at day time which we eat a dinner over it there. Many of people of araba bijaya place went there. We spend it there allot of time it there. That person were calling that time we went to going it there. Even i want to clear explain to you friends why i go that place on it. You can ask question under to me on comment box. So you might be clear on it well for it. Evening time were too much nice and amazing to see a beautiful hill of forest over seen i there. 

I really enjoy that moment which i already pass it there. Even i feels too much happy to going that place with my father work place which i want to be share to all viewer friends also too. If you haven’t visit this place you must be visit it there. You can welcome a tourist area which seen a pokhara valley over that place of hill side. Any vehicle were going it there. I going for own scotor on that place. I think you might be confused which way to we can go that place. You must be look into a map or place name which you listen it well for it. It’s nearest a devil’s fall side which name of address is chorepatan. If you arrived that place you can turn it left side to move on Kristi village to go there. If you confused then you can ask around that people there. Better you know it well for that place also too. Even i really enjoy or refreshment on there. 

Today Urgent is gone. We have gone to Tearier to say that my father will not work tomorrow. Scoter is fast approaching, and fun means the mills in the area and it is easy. The road is gone. Going to a place like Scotch Man and so on is also a bit of fun. Weavers are also asking why. And that is what I am doing in the middle of you. 

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