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Today i visit syangja place 

Today i visit syangja place with this mooring time with my scotor. Even i call from him my father to come that location on it there. I will be going that place to reach it. I reach it there after a few hours ago to bring some material from valley of pokhara side. Nearest boarder of open gate i reach that location with some machine part to take off there. Finally i reach an hour over it there. My father were calling to me while i cross the manchapure view point of kaski district then i received my phone it there. Even he also be call to me i reach that location also too. When I reached There, the father had called and he was sitting there. How did I feel when I reached There, and when I reached There, I got a call from Babs and I got a phone call. And when I met him I went to the place where the photo was with Dad and he was a little low and he reduced it and ate for a while and when he arrived, I also sketched this photo and also posted the photo on my blog as hot. We went down to Pokhara and they had to meet one of the guys and they met and the party chatted for a while and you were in the middle of a fun place. I’m doing it. Bordeaux near Syangja did not swim as soon as you walked in. Nearest place of syangja which i travel on moring while i planing for doing to time pass day out that days. Just i ready to make preparate food into kitchen. Finally father calls to me to come on that place reach with my scotor on it.

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