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Went to the shop yesterday to pick up fish

Went to the shop yesterday to pick up fish for eat for a dinner time at night. I pick up fish on chiplaydaunda place of pokhara valley. People were buying their meat shop over there.Even i see many things of fish on there. Ma and Baba went to Chain fish and Jest went to Kali Bazaar and today is like to eat fish. Baba said yes. Yes, Baba said yes. If you do not want to be hot or not, then I would like to comment on how you and I feel. Baba went to pick up yesterday and he is in Chiplaydonga of six Pokhara in Tarkali market. There are fish. I got it from you. I took it home and cooked it with my father and I did it the same way. I am not sure about the fish name either. And please share my blog post. This is a photo of the shop’s of fish. They think the photo is cut and they are a small fish. That’s where I went. Actually you know it well for that place which i buy it there. Yesterday i really enjoy a meat on dinner time. Hope winter season many people also eat this fish also too. It’s helpful our body maintain on it. 

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