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Today Pokhara Moring Weather 

November 7, 2019, Today Pokhara Mooring Weather Update to you here. Today Pokhara Weather is very cold and feels to much cold to wearing a jacket also too. While i wake up from own bed room i saw outside it’s looks a weather isn’t a good for it today. Even i will update it daily based to you here. Today Pokhara Moring Weather very bad days moring times. Winter season might be cause to see over on the sky side.


Many birds today are not feeling good. And see what kind of rain it is. And in Pokhara this morning it is like this. I went out for a while and the cold has increased. And so is the water. But it does not matter if there is light sunshine in the afternoon. What is lost now is the feeling of Hiram and ale Baker in the daytime. I live in Side in the Himalayas near Pokhara, but not near here.
When I look at the day, I feel like doing nothing but going out and having some fun and having fun with my friends. But at that time, the housekeeper took me along with my friend. And how fun it is to eat fish meat and how much fun it is to eat in the winter. Feel free to vote how you feel. But like the sun in the climate I feel okay because the scatter is very cold. It is a little bit cold in our living space so it does not shine fast during winter.
The weather is so cool in Pokhara today. I’ve been talking about taking things myself. I am enjoying posts from Pokhara. If you are the people of Pokhara, then you are in the middle.
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