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Sometime i refresh with friends

Sometime i refresh with friends with beautiful place of hill side over the river on there. Even  i like most to seen over a beautiful and peaceful environment on there. Even i seen on forest area to feels relax and i want to refresh with there also too. Sometimes friends asked to me please make a one photo shot with you and me to show all people on seen on there. Today we go on hemja side of beautiful agriculture field side. One friends were working on there. My father told to plan going it there and we can meet him there. Down on photo you can seen flow of river to seen it there. My friends were too much Today, a friend of the Forrest, who had come forward to meet him, had gone and met The and his younger brother. And it was refreshing well and I had bored in the house too, but the people were not upset they went too and the test party was fun. You are also so light that we have also been self-heating. And if you want to join us, then the Hemja of Pokhara is on the straight side and the river is on the top. Got to refresh votes with a friend.

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