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Meta Bringing A Group Chat Feature To MessengerMeta Bringing A Group Chat Feature To Messenger

Meta Bringing A Group Chat Feature To Messenger In order to be able to have many members, Meta is going to make the ‘communities’ feature available in Messenger. Along with this, users can join a large messenger group without joining a Facebook group.

It is said that it will help large organizations, schools, and private groups. This feature in Messenger has removed the obligation to be in the related Facebook group to join ‘communities’. In this type of group chat, the admin can add up to five thousand users.

Meta introduced this type of feature in 2022. Under that, the admin of any Facebook group could create a chat room for the members connected there.

By joining that chatroom, they could communicate with other users in that group. This feature will work like ‘communities’ in WhatsApp.

But Meta said that there will be some differences between these two. Generally, this feature differs from Facebook groups and promotes ‘public conversation’.

According to Meta, Messenger ‘Communities’ are not available for everyone now. In addition, it will have different levels of privacy regarding personal messages. Currently, up to 250 members can be added to a Facebook Messenger group.

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