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Want To Do Audio Editing On Your Mobile? Use These Useful AppsWant To Do Audio Editing On Your Mobile? Use These Useful Apps

Want To Do Audio Editing On Your Mobile? Use These Useful Apps Like video editing, audio editing is a skill. Its requirements are also similar to video editing. Whether preparing a song album or a podcast, audio editing is important.

Generally: Audio editing involves the use of multiple tracks and balancing of sound. Special software has been prepared for this like video editing. Professional work of audio editing is done through computer software. But now many apps are available on mobile too.

Some people call such audio editing software made for mobiles as mobile DAWs, i.e. digital audio workstations.

Mobile DAWs have everything you need for basic audio production. Things like video production are needed in the software. A good mobile DAW is said to have features like audio editing, recording, and a good user interface. Today we’re going to discuss some apps from general audio editing to DAWs:

Audio Evolution

Among the various DAWs made for Android, one of my favorites is Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. Supporting multiple audio tracks, MIDI recordings, various samples, and a drum editor are some of its features.

It also includes recording tools like metronome. Plug-ins are also available within the app, but there is an additional fee for that. It has both paid and free versions. ​
Click here to download the app.

Band Lab

Band Lab is one of the best free apps available. It can edit up to 16 tracks at a time. It also has a sampler, loop function, more than 300 virtual AIDI instruments, and 180 effects to make custom instruments.

It also has a video click editing feature. And another good part of it can be published on the social media server of the audio app you have created. ​
Click here to download the app.

N-track Studio

Another good mobile DAW app is N Track Studio. This app also provides various features like audio track files, MIDI, drum, reverb, etc.

Similarly, there are features such as a metronome, online sharing, a 2D/3D spectrum analyzer, and a loop browser for recording. The good part of the app is also the user interface. This makes it easy to use. To use some features in the app, you have to pay a fee
Click here to download the app.

mp3 cutter

As the name suggests, the job of this app is to edit audio files. MP3 is a type of audio file format. But this app also supports various types of files.

From the app, you can merge audio clips, remove specific parts of clips, change file size, remove parts without sound, etc. Apart from this, the app provides many features. ​
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This app is related to mixing voice. For this, 40 more vocal effects and 1000 more rhythms (beats) have been given in the app. The app can be used as both a recording studio and an audio editor, so you can tune your voice.

Basic features of audio editing are abundant in the app. Like; The app automatically deletes background noise. There are presets for auto voice tune and compression. Some advanced features are paid for. ​
Click here to download the app.

Apart from these, there are many mobile apps related to audio editing. You can use them according to your needs.

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