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My Blogging Journey 2024My Blogging Journey 2024

My Blogging Journey 2024 My journey in 2019 started with blogging. When I first started blogging, I started with blogs. And then I continued to follow up. And because there was so much to learn and so much to do, I spent some time working on it. When I got a chance to learn more things from, that, I also turned to YouTube.
I had a lot of desire to earn money online, and I was looking for that. In 2019, I was starting this work, and while starting, some things went wrong, and some things had to be corrected. I have created websites for no money. I got a chance to learn many things from there. Later, I watched videos on YouTube and followed many YouTubers’ videos to see what and how to improve their site. I followed up on the videos of blogging YouTubers.
After that, I watched their videos and watched them day by day, and after watching the videos, I thought that I should start blogging. And the initial success was not even a bit mine. From there, I also tried to buy the domain, but there were some problems and obstacles while taking it. For that, I searched videos on YouTube to see which company has registered a domain in Nepal, and later I got it.
Domain registration was very cheap at that time. I bought a domain from Blogger and worked for a few months, and I also connected to Google AdSense. After connecting, I got a chance to learn many things. And many things I did wrong, and I was influenced by that and started to say WordPress.
Then I ran that domain for a few years, then after a year I bought another domain name and also got a hosting plan. I got a hosting plan for less money, and at first, I was wasting parking, but then I moved to a cheaper price. And I initially purchased hosting water and a domain name at the same time. Less than a month later, the hosting panel was full of storage. And I had to buy it again. And then I got stressed.
From there, I left and finally moved to hosting planning. I saw that it had all the features, but it was a bit expensive, so I transferred it completely. I bought from him after everything was transferred, and I am paying him daily every year. I wrote a lot of things from that domain name and did a lot of things and did a lot of things that I needed to improve, and still, I’m learning from it. I haven’t touched other things, and I want to show that domain to all people and that this happens to all people. I’m still working on that domain to show, and I’m still working to show them.
I got a new domain and a new hosting plan, and then I applied again to Google AdSense, and the application was approved. After it was approved, I started working on it again. When the $100 passed through, my payment arrived. After several years, I reached $100. And in that, the Adsense account became a ban. And I kept working on it again and again until I got the chance to work on it. From there, I had a total of 50 dollars, and in between, the account got disabled. After it was disabled, my payment came to the bank, and I got the money from the bank.
I had a lot of stress, so I again created another Gmail ID, kept that ID for a month and two weeks, and then applied again to Google Adsense. I started doing daily posts, applied, and then got approved for that website. Since then, I’ve still been working on it. It is now 2024, and I am still working on it. And that’s what I’m working on.
I have not received anything from the new Google ads, and I have not received money for anything. There are some things to be learned from there and some things to be updated because I am still working on it and taking the opportunity to work on it as much as possible. I will still improve my journey and continue to do more things. I am also telling you about this.
I’m still not getting visitors from that, and visitors are still visiting my sites, and not just by visiting; people are still liking and people are emailing me, but I don’t care about emails. Getting people to work for free is just doing the work, and what’s the point of doing it for free, I think?
But I haven’t been successful at it, and I still have to work on it and am still working on it. I am still researching and exploring how this can be achieved and how it can be done. I know everything about it, and I am learning everything. I am also updating and telling you about it in my blogs.
Tell us in detail what your journey has been like and what difficulties you faced in making your journey into blogging. This is how I was blogging. How has your experience been? If you say so, I will still get motivation and find it easier to work. 

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