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Apple Removed WhatsApp and Threads From the Chinese AppstoreApple Removed WhatsApp and Threads From the Chinese Appstore

Apple Removed WhatsApp and Threads From the Chinese Appstore Apple has removed Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads apps from the Chinese App Store. Apple has removed those apps from the App Store following the instructions of the Chinese government’s internet regulatory body.

According to the international media CNN, now both WhatsApp and Threads are blocked in China. “While we disagree, we are bound to follow the laws of the countries in which we operate,” an Apple spokesperson told CNN. Wherever these apps appear, the app is available for download on all storefronts.

Although these two apps Meta are blocked in China, they can access them using a virtual private network. With China banning these two apps from Meta, the illustration that China is moving away from big technology companies has become more clear.

A businessman told CNN that when the government bans the messaging app, businessmen will be killed, and they will be able to contact their relatives or friends abroad. Businessmen argue that even if they are accessing WhatsApp using a VPN now, there will be a problem when there is an update.

According to CNN, platforms such as X, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are available in the Chinese app store. China is the second largest market in the world for Apple. Recently, there has been a huge decrease in iPhone sales.

In the first quarter of 2024, there was a report that iPhone sales in China decreased by 10 percent. Apple is struggling to survive in the market due to increased competition in that country and the government’s behavior as an American company.

Brands like Chinese smartphone manufacturers Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus are expanding their range. Research has shown that local brands are preferred by Chinese citizens compared to Apple because it is a brand made in their own country.

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