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Google Developer Group's Workshop To Train AIGoogle Developer Group's Workshop To Train AI

Google Developer Group’s Workshop To Train AI Google Developer Group (GDG) Kathmandu is going to organize a program called ‘Build with AI’ on 8 Baisakh. A technical workshop related to AI will be held at the headquarters of FOne Soft.

The objective of the workshop is to help active developers learn and apply skills related to Google products and Gen AI trends. Under this developers will get to learn about Gemini API, Google AI Studio, Multimodal RAG, Vertex AI, etc.

Kshitij Rimal and Raju Dawadi will provide training in the workshop. The founder and CEO of Next AI is also a Rimal Data Scientist and a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Machine Learning. Dawadi is a GDE in the cloud. Also, he has good experience in DevOps and system engineering.

It is said that this free workshop will be very useful for developers who are looking to work on AI. In this sense, if you have some knowledge/skills in this field, this program will be more useful.

The following resources may be used for convenience before attending the workshop;

Getting Started with Gemini (Python)

Gemini for Android Developer (Java/Kotlin)

Gemini API Documentation Hub

Google AI Dart SDK to add AI to the Flutter app

A Tour of Duet AI for Developers

Multimodality with Gemini

Multimodal RAG

Duet AI W/VS Code

Duet AIW/IntelliJ

The Generative AI Learning Path

Cloud Skills Boost Arcade

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