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New Year 2081 Begin in NepalNew Year 2081 Begin in Nepal

New Year 2081 Begin in Nepal The new year of Nepalis has started from today. It seems that this year is going to be very good since other years and this year also people are celebrating very happily. As soon as the new year starts in their country, many people are happy and many people are also sad and people want this year to be good. They have also wished.

Now looking at it, it passed on the 1st and now tomorrow is the 2nd. After the 2nd comes, there are many things to do and many things to be done, so today the 1st day went very well and passed well. If you are still preparing something, please tell me or comment.

In the year 2081, we had to go to work in such a way that this sad incident happened and because of the fact that we were working there and even while working, people were waiting a lot and when we got there, people were very happy and after we saw all the other things, the people here were very happy. And later after we left.

This day we have come to enjoy sitting at home. But there is an opinion that it will happen in this month of the year. This day did not go away for me. On this day, years have also gone for me. How is your day going? Today I will sit at home and do my work and also enjoy myself for a while.

We also went to Hemja’s Highway Road. The highways are very good and good for people. On the highway, the vehicles go at a high speed and we have to go at our own slow speed. Even if you go to Slow, you have to do it. As we passed through Hemja road, the Hemja road was also good and the weather had already started on the roads. And the Hamja season was over and there was no point in going to the season and that I would go later in the coming days.

We left Pokhara around 1 o’clock in the day and were waiting there. And when do people come to be so stable and why does the mason do this? He kept us waiting and the machine was very stealthy in the morning and it was very difficult and the sound of the machine was very low because the people got very tired and the people.


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