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Want To Learn SEO in 2024Want To Learn SEO in 2024

Want To Learn SEO in 2024 In the field of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is considered the main basis. This is the element that helps to bring organic traffic to the website.
You are trying to do some business online, and if you have knowledge of SEO, it can help you immensely in expanding your business. Today, if you have knowledge of SEO, it will help you get employment in any field. Apart from that, you can also start your own blog and earn a good income.
Today, we are giving you information about the best YouTube channel that is suitable for learning SEO.
1) Neil Patel
Neil Patel, who has good experience in the field of digital marketing, is the founder of companies like Crazy Egg and KissMetrics. These are such websites, which help with website analytics and marketing optimization. Media houses like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have mentioned Neil Patel as an influential personality.
2) Techno-Vedanta
Techno Vedanta is a channel that teaches various tips in Hindi. This channel has many videos related to SEO. Like other channels, it has a playlist related to SEO. Apart from that, what is special about this playlist is that you can find videos of special titles on this channel that you cannot find on other channels. This channel has more than 150 videos related to SEO made in Hindi. You can visit this channel and watch any video that suits you.
3) WS Cube Tech
If you want to learn the basics of SEO in one video, the WS Cube Tech Channel is perfect for you. This channel also includes topics like different types of programming languages, Google Ads, React JS, and data analytics. If you want to learn the basics of SEO in one video. 
4) Rambabu Thapa
If you want to learn about SEO in Nepali, Rambabu Thapa’s YouTube channel may be suitable for you. Thapa has discussed the basic aspects of SEO in an almost 10-hour-long YouTube video. You can get enough information from his videos to learn SEO. If you want to learn about SEO in Nepali in one video, click here. Also, you can click here to watch the videos one by one as a playlist. 
The YouTube channels mentioned above are just some of the options that provide free SEO information. Apart from these, many other such channels on YouTube provide free SEO courses and skills. You can search for the video that suits you and watch it.  

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