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25 Year License Period of Worldlink is Over25 Year License Period of Worldlink is Over

25 Year License Period of Worldlink is Over The 25 years of Worldlink Communications, the largest Internet service provider in Nepal, has ended. On March 16, 2055, Worldlink received a license from the regulatory body Nepal Telecommunication Authority to operate Internet (including email) services.

According to the 25-year provisions of the Telecommunications Act, 2053, the license of the company which was allowed until the 15th of Chait, i.e. yesterday, has automatically expired from today. Along with this, the issue of what will happen next in the case of service providers who have completed 25 years has become confused.

However, Worldlink is not the first company to complete the 25 years. Previously, the license of Mercantile Communication Pvt Ltd also expired on the 8th of March. In this case, it is not clear how these service providers will proceed.

There is no provision in the Telecommunication Act for what to do in case of a 25-year license expiry. In Section 25 of the Act, it is mentioned that the duration of the license is 25 years at most, in which there is a provision that the license will be given for 10 years for the first time, and then it is mentioned that the license should be renewed for five years at a time.

In this way, although there is a provision for granting permits with renewal from time to time for 25 years, the issue of what happens after the 25 years is not clearly mentioned. In the case of a company with more than 50 percent foreign investment, there is a legal provision that the government can take it under its control.

In subsection (1) of section 33 of the Telecommunications Act, it is mentioned that the land, buildings, devices, equipment, and structures related to telecommunication services where more than 50 percent of the total capital investment is invested by foreign individuals or organizations will be owned by the Government of Nepal after the expiry of the permit period.

Similarly, (2) it is provided that the property that has come under the ownership of the Government of Nepal by sub-section (1) can operate telecommunication services after paying the price determined by sub-section (3) to the Government of Nepal and re-obtaining the license. (3) It is stated that to determine the price as per sub-section (2), the Government of Nepal may constitute a committee of a maximum of five persons after consulting the authority.

What will happen now in the case of Worldlink and Mercantile, who applied to the authority three months ago for the renewal of their license in Stoma? Chairman of the authority Bhupendra Bhandari says, “The authority board has taken the necessary decision on this matter. What Worldlink and Mercantile do now is up to them.”

Chairman Bhandari did not want to talk about what the board had decided. However, according to authority sources, in the case of Worldlink and Mercantile, it has been found that the board has decided to issue a new license to them if they have paid all the remaining dues.

In this case, how the authority will proceed is under consideration.

“Worldlink did not come to collect the permit until the given period. He sent the letter. There is no information about what topics are mentioned in the letter,” Santosh Paudel, spokesperson of the authority, said, “In this case, the authority will study the company’s letter and take a decision on how to proceed in the coming days.” A decision will be made on whether to give more time to the company or what to do after studying the rules and other legal provisions made to manage assets.

Although it is said that the process will proceed according to the legal provisions, it is said that this issue will be resolved soon with the cooperation between the authority, the government, and Worldlink, and the issue of the license will not affect the service user.

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