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Need to Record Screen on ComputerNeed to Record Screen on Computer

Need to Record Screen on Computer A screen recorder plays an important role in recording the work done on the computer for later or recording a conversation with someone.

Screen recording on a computer is suitable for making a video related to a subject or for giving someone procedural knowledge of something. Apart from that, screen recording has different importance in different fields.

In today’s smartphones, the screen recorder is already available, so we can easily record what we want on the phone through the screen recorder.

If your phone doesn’t have a screen recorder option, you can use a third-party application.

Similarly, Windows already has an in-built screen recorder option.

Today we are giving information on the process of screen recording on the computer

the shortcut

Screen recording can also be done through shortcut keys on the computer. If you feel that it is risky to download an app or if you rarely record your screen, you can record your screen using a shortcut key on your computer.

Press the Windows key, Alt key, and R (Windows key+Alt+R) together to record the screen through shortcut keys on the computer. In this way, if you press all three keys at the same time, the screen recording will start on the computer.

By default, it does not record the voice you speak or speak from there. For that, you have to tap on the microphone icon next to the recording box.

If you are done with the screen recording, you have to click on the pause icon between the red dot and the microphone icon. The file recorded in this way is stored in the folder of videos in “My PC” on the computer.

OBS Studio

If you are looking for game recording software then OBS Studio might be the right one for you. This software is useful for screen recording as it is available for free.

OBS Studio is perfect for you to record gaming as it produces good-quality video while recording.


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