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Use Chrome's Password ManagerUse Chrome's Password Manager

Use Chrome’s Password Manager many sayings using a browser’s password manager on the Internet is not that safe. Also, people who know about security express doubts about the password manager of the most used Chrome browser. They want no one to use such password managers.

There are many reasons why analysts and cyber security researchers are skeptical of Google Password Manager. One of the reasons is that Google does not provide zero-knowledge encryption feature. Analysts argue that password managers are common. Apart from that, someone with unauthorized access to the computer or system can easily get your password.

It is said that Google lacks a suitable security system against this. Apart from that, Google Password Manager is lost in the same ecosystem. In an emergency, you cannot transfer control of the password manager to another account.

Because of these and other similar complaints, analysts have not been able to suggest users use it confidently. However, Google is improving its system day by day. Especially if you have a weak or previously used password, it is recommended not to use such a password.

So how secure is Google Password Manager?

If you’re using Chrome to manage your passwords, you’ve taken your online security to the next level. Although it is late, Google has been making the password manager classy and reliable. If you are using Windows OS, you can make it only accessible to the password in ‘Windows Hello’.

If you turn on this feature, you will need to verify biometrics or PIN to access the password in Chrome. Especially if you have to fill out a form or keep a username and password, you have to prove that the person is you in the system.

Google checks for weak, reused, or leaked passwords to ensure that no one else has access to the user’s password. If the user enters such a password, it will be alerted. You can share such passwords in Google Family Group. And, you can export that password at any time.

If something happens to you, it is easy for your family to gain access to such passwords. If your Google account gets hacked or blocked by mistake, you won’t lose access to all your accounts. Because all your passwords are within your reach.

Don’t forget to set a strong password before you follow the above method. And use such usernames and passwords safely. Having access to a Google Account is like having access to any of your accounts. Because most online accounts have a Google account attached to them.

For that, in addition to keeping a strong password on the Google account, turn on multi-factor authentication or keep a password. If you have put all your digital eggs in your Google basket, don’t let anyone pick those eggs.

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