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With the Help of AI Online Fraud Started with the Voice of an Acquaintance With the Help of AI Online Fraud Started with the Voice of an Acquaintance 

With the Help of AI Online Fraud Started with the Voice of an Acquaintance  With the rapid changes in the world of technology, the advice among people is, “Don’t trust everything and everyone.” There are reports of cheating on youth and senior citizens through artificial intelligence (AI).
This advisory has been prepared as a way to avoid such a possible fraud. Cases of fraud involving large sums of money by making the voice of any person through AI have started to emerge. No evidence of any kind is found in this process. In such a case, it becomes difficult to bring back the fraudulent amount; it is even more difficult to investigate.
The matter has gone so far that people are even being advised not to pick up calls from unknown numbers or strangers.
I need to change my thinking
According to experts in the field of cyber security, it is necessary to change the way of thinking to face such challenges. In this new world of technology, you cannot trust every person or thing.
You have to mold yourself into a person who can doubt everything. Also, don’t trust everything and everyone. In this way, it has become necessary to change your thinking to avoid such frauds. A surprising incident in India’s Madhya Pradesh has come to light.
Then the father immediately transferred 80 thousand rupees. But later, it came to light that her son was fine and that it was a fake call.
This case is similar to similar cases of fraud, in which the fraudster impersonates a person and calls a friend to say they are stranded in an unknown country and need money urgently. This type of fraud is being done on uneducated as well as educated people.
How easy is it to make a voice from AI?
To avoid such cases of fraud, the person who picks up the phone or receives a message should not blindly trust such messages and calls. There are many such tools available on the internet that can take a sample of someone’s voice and make a deepfake video, as well as their voice and speech.
Which cannot be traced. You will be surprised if you use these tools. Someone can call you and record it easily. This provides enough data for cybercriminals to use your voice to call someone else.
How do I avoid fraudulent calls and messages?
-Install a call verification app like True Caller on your phone.
-If you don’t want to do that, don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Instead, ask such people for a text message or WhatsApp.
-Use common sense. Do not trust any phone calls from unknown numbers.
-Keep an antivirus app on your phone.
Do not open fake links, videos, or texts. Because malware can be placed even through video. Be careful when sharing pictures of yourself and your children on social media.  

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