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Introducing OpenAI the Powerful AI Model GPT-5Introducing OpenAI the Powerful AI Model GPT-5

Introducing OpenAI the Powerful AI Model GPT-5 OpenAI, the maker of the famous AI tool ChatGPT, is going to release its new model GPT-5 in the middle of this year. While the discussion of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is going on, the date of the GPT-5 release by OpenAI is approaching.

International media outlet Business Insider, quoting OpenAI’s sources, noted that a limited number of people have now been able to experience GPT-5. Business Insider wrote that those individuals said that the GPT-5 was indeed very good. In addition, the insider said that this model will have the ability to do various tasks of the company automatically.

Currently, it is not certain that GPT-5 will be released on this exact date. Currently, the company is training the model and it is said that after the training, the security will be tested. Only then will OpenAI make this model publicly available.

However, it has not been revealed how long the training and safety tests can be carried out. If that happens, the date of GPT-5 will be pushed back.

The company released GPT-4 just last year, which was far superior to GPT-3 in terms of both speed and accuracy.

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