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Use of Facebook Photos of Teenage Girls for Blackmail

Use of Facebook Photos of Teenage Girls for Blackmail About two months ago, it was seen that Mamta Sharma (name changed) was tagged by an account on Facebook. The girl opened the notification and looked at it. As soon as he saw the notification, his excitement flew away. She was horrified when she saw that the photos she once uploaded on Facebook had been tagged with obscene captions.
She hurriedly showed her sister a photo that someone else had tagged her with. Kishori Didi also fell from a cliff when she saw such a photo of her sister. When she saw a person who had never said anything post a photo of her sister with an obscene caption, she tried to understand what could be done about it. And she showed this to her uncle.
SP Awasthi said that some of those people used to send obscene photos to the girl’s relatives. After the parents filed a complaint, the police started investigating the matter subtly. During the investigation, it was discovered that the accused was using a VPN to hide his identity.
Khatri was arrested in Thamel on Thursday by a police team deputed from the Cyber Bureau after the police found him to be in Thamel for the last time. SP Awasthi said that he was arrested for an offense under the Electronic Transactions Act, of 2063, and the Kathmandu District Court extended the deadline by five days. A necessary investigation is underway.
However, in this case, it has been seen that the accused person downloads the photos uploaded on Facebook, edits them, makes them obscene, and blackmails them under the guise of the same.
It is not clear for what purpose the accused Khatri made such obscene photos and blackmailed them. SP Awasthi has advised to keep the account safe, not to make the photo public, to lock the profile, and not to add unnecessary people to avoid such incidents.

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