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If the phone gets wet don't put it on rice: AppleIf the phone gets wet don't put it on rice: Apple

If the phone gets wet don’t put it on rice: Apple has warned its users not to put wet phones in rice. Apple has asked users not to do so, saying that if the user places the phone on rice in the belief that it will absorb water, it will cause further damage to the phone.
Thus, experts have been pointing out that the method of keeping the phone in rice is wrong. Now, Apple has officially suggested not to put it in rice.
“Do not place the iPhone in a bag of rice,” Apple wrote in a support note. “Doing so will cause the rice to enter the phone and further damage the phone.” Apple has mentioned in the iOS Liquid Detection Alert support document that placing the iPhone in water will cause additional damage.
In particular, if water (liquid) has entered the lightning port or USB-C connector, the iPhone recognizes it and gives information. Then the connector is disabled. As a result, even when charging, the phone does not charge.
So what should I do if the iPhone gets wet?
Recently, the iPhones that have come onto the market are water-resistant; that is, there is no effect even if they fall into water. The phone can be taken underwater to take video or photos. You don’t have to worry about that.
If your iPhone is old, it will have a ‘Liquid Detect’ alert. Such an alert sounds when trying to charge a wet phone. In that case, first remove the charger and keep the connector facing down for half an hour to an hour.
After keeping it for a long time, the water in the phone comes out, and the phone comes back to its original state. However, remember that you should not apply heat or use a vacuum or dryer to get the water out of the phone. Similarly, trying to remove water by putting cotton on the connector is also wrong.

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