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Why is the iPhone Price Expensive in NepalWhy is the iPhone Price Expensive in Nepal

Why is the iPhone price expensive in Nepal Because it is a completely different device than other mobiles, it becomes very expensive in Nepal. When people say iPhone, it has a lot of money, and it’s a big guy. Nepali people understand that he is a person from a big family. After getting the iPhone, I do this, I do that, and with the iPhone, I do this, I do this, I do that. People have played various excuses and things.
If you buy an Android phone, people don’t even care about it; it has no quality, and it has no market price.
The reason it is expensive is that it is being sold at the highest price in the market, and at the same time, according to this company, the rate is lowered by the demand. For example, if you go looking for old iPhones, those mobiles will be hard to find and even impossible to find. Many mobile shops give out new iPhones and buy old iPhones in exchange, and some people buy second-hand mobiles for less money. It is also seen in the Nepal market.
It has many qualities and qualities, and the features are also very good. What others say is that this iPhone is very easy and convenient, so people try to buy it, buy it, share it in their videos, and focus on taking its quality to people.
Most of all, the price of the iPhone is very expensive in the world, and other Android phones like the iPhone are also compared, and people say that because of the high market price, its features are also very useful. It is expensive for Nepal, or you think to yourself that when you buy abroad, money seems very cheap, but if you convert to Nepal, it becomes expensive. If you buy in Nepal, then you can get mobile replacement repair and service if you are in Nepal. So if you are abroad, then you get that facility, so if you stay abroad only, if you return to Nepal from abroad, you don’t get that service.
Yes, even now in Nepal, that service is available in many places and in many cities too. Service centers for iPhone repair and reconditioning, iPhone update or replacement, or if something needs to be updated, do it. Sir, if you have to do any repairs on your iPhone, the money is very expensive, and because it is so expensive, people tend to protect the iPhone and make it easy.
Although the iPhone is expensive, it is very easy to use while you are working, and you can also use it in a very easy way. Many people buy it, but I think they don’t understand the quality of the iPhone. Some things you can get on Android, and some things you can get on iPhone.

I have told you here why the iPhone is expensive on the market, but as soon as you say it is expensive, people get angry and don’t think it is appropriate to invest that much money. This company has fixed the rate. According to that rate, people will buy and sell.

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