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Can Nepali Audience Need King is Back in NepalCan Nepali Audience Need King is Back in Nepal

Can Nepali Audience Need King is Back in Nepal There is also a king in this country. People don’t like the old politics anymore. Now the people have come together to form a king in Nepal. Now the country has gone to a bad place because of Perchad Oli Devaya Haru. People have also been made drunk by drinking alcohol.

All the people have come on the road, people who take house loans and money have gone abroad. The reason for going abroad depends on other things. But in the course of going abroad, he has also left in Nepal.

The media also shared videos of people’s sufferings. I also lost Media’s videos on YouTube. Some people have uploaded it on YouTube. Nepal’s government is responsible for the lack of development abroad.

Now the king is known in our country. When the king came, the name of Nepal became Nepal. Nepalis don’t need to live as slaves to others. The king should provide services that employ the people. Now if the king does not come to the country, our country will have to go to someone else’s country. It is not a political day for Nepal.

Because of the people, the king left the country and the leaders of Nepal. The leaders of the country are also eating money. Good work should be done abroad. The government of Nepal has not given good service to those who do good work. Nepal is like this.

Due to this reason, Nepali people do not even want to live in Nepal in their own country. The king in the country is known in Nepal. Now that the king has come to Nepal, the people are happy. The people care about the country.

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