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Why eSewa doesn't Verify KYC for 5 DayWhy eSewa doesn't Verify KYC for 5 Day

Why eSewa doesn’t Verify KYC for 5 Day There is also a reason why my service was held by the staff of the service office for 5 days. How many emails have I done with this service? We were supposed to do it but till now eSewa has not done anything for me. In my opinion, this has been done.

I had a lot to talk about that day. But eSewa didn’t even give me that option. They didn’t even work here, keeping my eSewa in ID Block. I have done many toll-free numbers for eSewa but eSewa still not follow up.

It took 1 day and 2 for the KYC to be verified. Esewa’s page and website have also been written on the blog. But it took 5 days to get the cake verified in my eSewa. Don’t care that eSewa has done such a thing. If there is a local holiday for this service, you will also get cold. Also because of my local holiday buyer the file is Verified on my KYC.

Even now, then has completely lost sight of this matter. It is not possible that a person like Long in this service also feels that he has done a bad job. I have also mailed in eSewa and talked to the concerned person. And here, who and my behavior was also recorded, may have not even considered this matter. It also showed a problem with my cake due to a small error in the cake after the transaction was done.

What do you think, eSewa has done such a thing. People who are stuck in this service may be trapped in this matter. First, I asked what happened to eSewa, but eSewa kept me on hold for 5 days and did not even do its work on my eSewa ID. Day by day I will be raising this issue with eSewa teams about this issue but they are looking forward to seeing this there. Even the eSewa is the biggest scam for while doing it within 5 days they will update the KYC verified under my ID. 

But I have been raising queries under eSewa staff those who handle to issue to fix it out this issues to solve this problem getting on it. But the eSewa didn’t make any gift or hamper to surprise over there. But the teams looking for me under those days but I haven’t raised this question about this team this issue to get on it. But the people will be staff will make lazy unable to handle seriously to looking under this issue to clear over there. 


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