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I Got Sick MySelf 2023I Got Sick MySelf 2023

I Got Sick MySelf 2023 It happened because of the cold. Since yesterday, I have been feeling cold. It seemed to me that there is an opinion that cold food should not be eaten. I also took medicine and it worked, but it didn’t get any smaller. Yesterday was very rough for me. And I had to go to my sister’s house for my work. There was work for someone and I also went.

Since yesterday, I was not feeling well, even my friend and I went to my sister’s house. Sister had given her clothes. And I also took the same. I went to my sister’s house in the evening. And after coming home from that, it was like all the asthma symptoms were mine. And I didn’t even want to do anything. 

Mother boiled the water and after boiling the water I took the buffa. And I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I’m getting a little better, but I’m not going to go cold. I also have a cold due to the cold. This season has also made me feel like I’m tired. Still not quite. I want to eat, but I don’t want to eat.

Even now I am still forging towards my work. I will have to do this in the coming days. One day I and father went to work and on that day one of the people gave me water after work, I ate cold fruit and since then I have not felt well. I was a little worried about the situation. I was also coughing at night and could not sleep because of the cough.

The next day, after I took the medicine, I felt a little better, but I was still not fully recovered. And from today I am getting a little better. I will continue to do my work in the coming days. Please don’t be angry that you have not updated the blog posts. I’m doing my job. Sir, I am going to do some new work on my blog.

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