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World Population Day 2023 will be held on July 11, 2023. It seeks to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues and was established by the then-Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. Thirty years ago, at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), we set out to achieve a world in which people lived longer, healthier lives and enjoyed more rights and choices than ever before.
Nepal’s population is expected to surpass 30 million people in 2023. But it will be raising the growth within a second, and within lives, it will be downward to see there. In this world, we can find the world’s population in days. How can we know how many people will be in the population to calculate the different countries of the world?
Some countries have calculated the old population day as a finalist, another above the previous years, and the latest year to compare how the population is growing day by day to increase in this world. The population is not decreasing because the people will grow day by day, and the data can be arranged by day with the system’s update in population.
These days, the old population will be celebrated in all parts of the country on July 11, 2023, when people will not be out of the population, and how the population will be known throughout the world.  
All the people you can celebrate population day with your country members, and they can raise the population to know about this. The global population is increasing rapidly, bringing forth a range of challenges and issues. Poverty, economic concerns, and maternal health are just a few of the areas affected by the growing population.
In 1989, World Population Day will be celebrated there. In 2023, the old population will be celebrated. Here now we can write the population and how the population we can control and how we can rice the population income growth and economic source to control the human beings as no of population control.
We cannot control some of the population because of problems on both the government and environmental fronts; how can we explain to the population how to handle or manage them?
Most of countries have mint point targets in the world, but I cannot mention any of those countries that are about population control with the government side.
I hope you will celebrate World Population Day in 2023, and let’s set all your data with your own country, so we can make a population and celebrate the population worldwide.
I hope you will share this article, and if you like this article in my previous articles, share this article and let me leave your comment below. I hope I will update some of the points about this population day in Nepal as well as other countries. 

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