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Welcome To July Month 2023Welcome To July Month 2023

Welcome To July Month 2023, it will be starting today. It is the seventh month will be running for this year. The days will be running up to 31 days. The first day of July might be welcome the rainfall will happen in our city in Pokhara.

Late-night rainfall will be starting there. Now it still cannot stop the rainfall over there. It feels like a happy and wonderful day will begin to face it out there. During the first day of Saturday will happen to make working under your own home there.

Most people will plan to travel anywhere else during this season. Some of the offices will be open this month. Even a lot of people will be happy to welcome the July month. Even I will make sure it will make me happy to find out over there.

In this month I will be trying to level up the base and make a lot of plans to fulfill will be successful on it. I hope so I will make a lot of things there. After a long time, I see the rainfall will continue and cannot stop it yet. Right now 8:11 am in Nepali time the rainfall will continue there.

I just made writing a blog post to publish on my website to share it out there. I hope your July month will be doing too nicely and rocking on it. I hope people will make sure to follow me.

Since last year I have been working under the website blogging and earning from the AdSense site there. But a few three months ago I got an account disabled into my account. I will be trying to create another one to get approval from my Google Adsense account but I will be getting rejected over there.

Even I will share the question with AdSense help communication post to share a problem over there. Even the AdSense teams were another one we cannot make approve your website to get monetization from our side.

I hope I will make sure I will make an approval request to get website monetization into my account there. Even after approval, I will be trying to make my own original content Into my website. I will make working hard to reach the point to mention there.

I hope this month will be a happy moment to share it out there. I hope you will keep visiting my website to reach out there. Even I will be trying to make working hard to reach this level to gain on it.

I hope this month will be good and nice days will be passed out there. I hope you will share your own tag and mention your experience about the month of July to see there. 

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