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8 Best Ways to Extract Image to Text On Windows8 Best Ways to Extract Image to Text On Windows

8 Best Ways to Extract Image to Text On Windows Extracting text from images is pretty simple now. There are innumerable free solutions available to get a text from images. But, proceeding with one of the best ways seems a daunting task. Thus we shortlisted a few best ways that let you convert photos to text.

Did you Know!

OCR is referred to as a useful process that takes a matter of seconds to extract text from a scanned image or an image photo. This is mainly utilized as a form of information entry from printed copies in certain places. You can even find that card scanner. co is loaded with a free picture-to-text converter that uses the best OCR functions to extract text from your photos while maintaining quality.



OneNote is the expert choice utility that is loaded with the best OCR feature to speed up the extraction of texts from images. You simply have to right-click on the photos that contain text, choose Picture and then Copy the text.

Google Drive:

Google Drive and Google Docs are well-known for the OCR process that works as the best photo-to-text converter for you. You just ought to upload the image file to your Google Drive first and then open it with Google Docs.

Once your image file is opened in Google Docs, you can find that the text embedded in the image file is already extracted and pasted into the same document. Congrats, all have done!

Photo Scan:

PhotoScan is indicated as a free UWP that is packed with a built-in OCR function that swiftly extracts text from photos imported to this app. No matter whether it is an image file from your PC, in the clipboard, or simply captured from the camera, this free picture-to-text converter processes optimally. 


The online converter:

This online web-dependent source is packed with easy-to-navigate online converters through which you can make any file conversions. Get this free picture-to-text converter right now to make image text extraction while preserving original text formatting. The upside is that it uses advanced OCR features to convert images to text free of cost. Just drag and drop JPG, PNG, or any image into this converter and let this tool extract text from the image within no time.


Get this free portable tool that proceeds swiftly OCR a portion of the screen by using a keyboard shortcut. The extracted text will be automatically saved to the clipboard by default. The upside is that it lets you work in more than 90 different languages, which means not only English, but also French, German, Japanese, and more.

Card scanner:

If you’re seeking a free image-to-text converter that allows you to copy text from image without any quality distortion, then this tool works best. It even supports conversions for different languages free of cost. Besides that, it allows you to process batch images to text file conversions. Once the conversion is done, you can export the text file as text, doc, PDF, or HTML. It is loaded with a copy-to-clipboard feature within a couple of clicks. Converting photos to text is only a couple of steps away with this jpg-to-text converter online.




Prepostseo is an online web-based application that allows you to deal with different online tools related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and more. You can get its free picture-to-text converter through which you can get a text from images effortlessly. No signup or registration is required to extract text from the image, just make a couple of clicks and let this tool do it all for you in a matter of seconds.


This OCR-based tool assists to make scanning from most Twain scanners and even quickly open most scanned PDF files and multi-page TIFF and other image formats. It is exported as a plain text file that can be even exported to MS Word document format. The great thing is that this tool lets you proceed with OCR on images as well as PDF files.


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