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Good Morning From Prithichowk PokharaGood Morning From Prithichowk Pokhara

Good Morning From Prithichowk Pokhara at 8:36 am at early morning time we have been arriving at this place working into there. There is a small mill House where we have checking out there. Since the longer will come soon but he was busy own working outside there. Even the natural brand of seller he had doing into their marketplace there.

Even he will be selling the Set-Roti Pitho Items to contact another wholesale market to sell into and he will be earning money from that side there. For a long time, we haven’t arrived to see there. Even that owner will be calling yesterday at the working time there.

While we have been working on Pame’s side to further looking the machinery problem to check up there. That time that person will call us by phone. He had been into the tomorrow side moring time. Moring time will be better for further working into there.

Now 8 am nearest time we have been working that place there. I will be said that the owner person to correct the location name of this place to mention to update you. Within an hour he will come here to see their machinery problem to check there.

He is also a good person who had been looking for us as well as he will be behavior was nice to give us money while working out a complete time to finesh. He will be always what will be money I will give to you he said that money we need out there.

Since moving time in home side it might not see a sun raise to over the outside. A little bit cold from the outside place from the home side. We had moved into to start a scooter we have goes own working into this place there.

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