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Can We Trust Nepal Bank LimitedCan We Trust Nepal Bank Limited

Can We Trust Nepal Bank Limited No we cannot trust this bank because there is less working staff and unexpected behavior happened to speak with the customer who had problems solving there. But this bank is the first bank of Nepal that people will trust in the old days past.

Nowadays it has been making a digital way to deposit into their bank account. There is one hundred-plus beach all over the Nepal side of this bank. Nepal Bank didn’t make the right way of action to make them well there.

Last year November 8th, 2022 I went to deposit my account with Rs 8000+ but I got an SMS for 5300NPR into my account I will raise a phone call to the bank person to tell them to tell you doing Lili here. Even I will come back own home to check a balance into from mobile bank apps to see the balance over there. But that person will be made to a lot of unnecessary words by speaking with me.

I will even call the bank manager again to see what your staff walking with me around was a good staff are doing there. Shall this staff be good for working to speak without over there? I didn’t trust this bank while depositing into this bank.

I didn’t like the good service happening under this bank. But the staff will be doing work on a lain way to do. Even immediately they aren’t an action that person what did you telling with them there.

I will visit all of the branch offices under the Pokhara valley. I live in Pokhara. This case will happen under the Pokhara nagar branch while the default issue with my account made a mistake by the staff to do. I cannot go to that bank forever those staff will make this unnecessary mistake happen to do there.

All of the users didn’t trust this bank when a mistake. But that correction will make immediate way doing from the staff side there. But you will be must be checking out there if you were using the mobile bank apps to check a balance over there.

Now the customer will decrease the ways to use this service to do there. Even the amount of time wasted under this bank. But the people will not make satisfied with this bank.


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