England 6 - 2 Iran Live Match: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022- Day 2

England 6 – 2 Iran Live Match: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022- Day 2 on November 21, 2022, at 18:45 this match was held there. Even both teams were too good and nice one over there. Even the second match up coming into there. 21:45 were between over there.

Within the first half 34 minutes one goal from England. The first meal is going on there. Within 42 minutes again one more goal. 45 minutes another one more goal from England.

Again added 14 minutes for time added into there. I hope they will make a chance to give their goal again. Second half time again goal from England with time 61 minutes goal again there.

One goal from Iran within 64 minutes. This is history time ever the second half-time Iran teams will be making one goal from there.

Within 70 minutes again goal from the England team there. In the second half-time, they scored there again. Again 88 minutes another one more goal again with the England teams there. Even they will reach 6 goals during this FIFA world cup Qatar 2022.

Even plus 10 added a time over this match there. Even the first time they will happen under this match there. At the end of the period the again one goal from Iran with the second half time there.

Congratulations to England team for this team with the FIFA World Cup over there. Even the too much excited to moment to see there. Even they will be doing on there. I hope you will be seen over there. I hope the people will be looking into it.

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