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Why people will break relationships with money in NepalWhy people will break relationships with money in Nepal

Why people will break relationships with money in Nepal Many people in Nepal are still not aware of the concept of digital assets and money. They still prefer to transfer money and make transactions in cash. Changes are now happening in the Nepalese market. An increasing number of people are now making transactions online, and they are doing this safely.

When you are looking to break up with someone; the first thing that comes to your mind is how to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend. There is always a thought of how to tell her/him; how to break up with him/her in a ‘nice’ way so that it doesn’t hurt the other person. Similarly, if you have to break up with a product, a service, a brand etc., you should do it so that you don’t hurt the other person’s sentiment, which in this case is your customer base.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by plenty of options to spend our money and make money. Social media gives us the power to connect from across the world. We can chat, video chat and talk on the phone with anyone. It seems like there are now a lot of people who are getting money before relationships.

Case of Nepal’s Relationship with Money
When the person will earn the money their sister or brother will be talking backwards from society. If he/she will give a lot of money given to him he/she will be happy if there is no money there is no relationship.

I found that my family members of my father brother and sister are likely to know how they can make relationships and make breaks with them. Most of the theoretical will come in every year they will be talking negative things about my father’s son and daughter. Even though she is one of the best brothers never gives a talk to them. I don’t like that two pe of person will be back talking with other people. There are a lot of things that will be talked about with another person Infront of with us.

Why I cannot like that relationship with others?
I don’t like such a type of relationship with those who like to talk about negotiating five things that happen to destroy family members while non-sense listening to talk with them. Even a person also has also own son and daughter with family members when we talk to their son, they will feel tension and toucher will happen to see.

But that person will never be successful in their life. Even that person cannot make a successful and happy family into their life. If they are said with another person back taking negative things that will be returned to him or her son’s upcoming days.

I have found my family member who happens to see me in Nepal. Even that person will never make waste money they will save their own money. They cannot eat food nicely and they never make strong people. That person will be going on a negative journey of life to face out there.

I don’t like such types of behaving people in the family. I will even respect that person who will be doing things themselves and will be sharing their feedback. You cannot do this thing that the person needs to support the family member. Even I need a peaceful environment and a peaceful person will be seen in my family.

Even I am not a child yet. Even I know everything life will be faced out there. Even how life is going on with me. I even watch some videos those people will say a true line of words I feel touch my heart. Then I feel yes, I can do it. Never think about other people and what they are doing on it. Never compare yourself with another person who earns a lot of money.

Money isn’t everything we need a strong relationship with each other. We need to always be positive and positive things will come into our life. That person will be successful in their life there. I need that person who feels to share their pram and will suggest making strong doesn’t make me hopeless so I’ll be getting success in my life.

If you are a human being you need to think to do. But you are not doing unnecessary habits things on social media with other people. If you do a good way of things in life they will be successful in their life.

I found a lot of people around Nepal with relationships break out with money. Even they can love with only money. If that person has money that person will be doing everything. If that person hasn’t any money they cannot care about it. Most of the people were listening to other people not listening to their family members there.

I never connect those who will make things bad think of mindset. I never make a relationship with touch with them. If they break a relationship we cannot connect with the nearest one. One thing we need to get a chance with them. We need to be changed their life.


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