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My Bhai Tika 2079 : Feels Sad Moment in Bhai TikaMy Bhai Tika 2079 : Feels Sad Moment in Bhai Tika

My Bhai Tika 2079: Feels Sad Moment in Bhai Tika will be held on October 27, 2022, under this year held to see there. This Tika Bhai Tika Sahit within 11:37 am over there. When I was putting into my own Tika with from blessing from my own sister over there. Every year I will be taking putting a tika with my own sister in the home. My sister was only two sisters in my home member. Since a few years ago 6 years back, I was taking a tika with her there. She was coming back under that 2 years ago but I haven’t taken a Tika from her. 

Under Bhai Tika 2079 was nice but after taking Tika from my own sister I just captured and edit video clips into my own mobile device. One person who cannot come for a longer time to putting tika from their own brother or father. Father sister I don’t like that person ever in my lifetime. 

I have been taking launch after taking a tika from my sister at the correct time to putting a tika from her. Even I was putting tika with my own sister there. Even most of the sisters were taking gifts from the brother and sister side to give and share with them there. Even if I don’t like that money how much my brother will give me and how much they will give us with me on Bhai tika there. 

And everyone made them sit and sleep in their rooms. And my father was sleeping in his room and I was sitting in my room using my mobile. And in his room, Bhai was editing Tika’s video. And Bhai Tika’s entire video was edited. In the middle, that father’s sister came and was teasing me. I never liked that person. People who don’t like it are not well-dressed.

I don’t like people who like that. Because that person thinks bad about us, then that person will always be bad. I don’t even feel good when I see that person. That person does not even come to us before. I don’t even want to look at that machete’s face.

I also enjoy the Dashain festival with my family. Dashain festival has never been good for me. Which person has come on Dashain and in our house they are dressed as they say. I also feel bad about this Pali festival. I have never felt as bad as that festival. His sister did not come to meet me at my festival.

In the middle of my Tihar, Bhai Tika was doing well, Manju Paudel said that people came and made my Tihar bad. I have also put the video of that person on my Facebook page. Sir, please take a good look. The people who hurt me like that want to do it. I don’t like it if you come like this on the day of Tihar.

During this festival of the year, I have not felt better since that person left the house. Not even good. That person also said that my life would be bad when I was small. I remember those things. Even hearing that made me feel bad. It is as if that person has never come into my life.

Sir, I wonder how Bhai Tika has been this Tihar, I have been bad. I like to talk and do things with people I am happy with. It is also very fun to have fun with them. I want to have fun with my family. There are things that you want to do according to your feelings, but life is never a success.

No matter how hard I try, I am not successful. It’s good for me now. It has also been good for me in the coming days. I have also asked myself what money is. It would be better if that person did not come. That person has only done bad things.

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