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Today Bhaitika: Uttam sahit at 11:37 AMToday Bhaitika: Uttam sahit at 11:37 AM

Today Bhaitika: Uttam sahit at 11:37 AM On the main day of Tihar, the second biggest festival of Nepali which is celebrated every year on the day of Kartik Shukla Dwitiya, brothers are receiving tika from their sister

On the fifth day of Tihar also known as Yamapanchak, sisters and brothers with their brothers and sisters long life, health and wealth with respect, faith and loyalty by wearing Pancharangi or Saptarangi tika according to tradition. Today is also known as Yamadvitiy

After sisters vaccinate their brothers, brothers also vaccinate their sisters. There is a classical belief that by worshipping one’s sisters one gets good luck and prosperity 

After 8:42 AM, the Moon will enter Scorpio. Before that, the Moon will be in Libra. Even when the moon is in Libra, the vaccination can be done accordingly. Prof. Dr Ramchandra Gautam, a theologian, says that there is a classical rule that the moon should be placed before or on the right side of the auspicious work 

Today, on the day of Lakshmi Puja, the lamp, Kalash and Ganesha are worshipped in the Ashtadal written on the original plate. Markandeya, Ashwatthama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishan, Kripacharya and Parashuram are worshipped as Chiranjeevi, Chitragupta, Yamaraja, Yamuna and Dharmaraj, Ganapatyadi also worships the vegetation deity

In this way, the elder sister sprinkles the brother with a stream of oil and according to tradition, garlands of flowers such as Saptarangi or Pancharangi Tika, Makhamli, Saipatri or Godavari are don

It is a religious and social tradition that sisters give their brothers food such as walnuts, katsu, mar masala and Sel roti after applying tika, and brothers also show their respect by giving clothes and Dakshina to their sisters as symbols of good fortune 


My Bhai Tika 2079 Inspire Story

Most Nepali sisters will be going to their own brother’s homes after their sister married their own homes. She will come into her own main home to putting a Tika with Bhai. Some of the accidents and remember moments will be felt in the Tihar time.

This year 2079 Tihar little isn’t happy with me because I don’t know what festival will feel like to touch me in my life. I never expect a moment of what will be happyness feel to bring from button my heart. This is a traditional religious festival of Nepal we can do it. But I have two sisters in my home. One sister will be speaking and another sister didn’t speak well

Another speak sister didn’t take a Tika into this year. After a long time, this is a chance to wear a Tika but something happens to her family status over there. Under another seat sat with her home s, he didn’t know how the Bhai Tika is important to witness. But that sister will always bless me there. I will be making some clips of the video here

I hope all of them doing well and nice one under the Bhai Tika. Most people will be shown a lot of things over there. But from my side isn’t good for us. From the sister, we need to take a blessing keep always love and support each other there

Hope you will be on the last day of Tihar this year 2079. Now today onward it will be finished this year moment to see there. Hope keeps a good smile and keeps happy and rocking with the festival on Bhai Tika. Don’t make a fight with each other. Be safe and be careful of your health. Thank you for reading this article reading this article. 


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