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About My Dashain 2079About My Dashain 2079

About My Dashain 2079 is the biggest festival it will hold in October Month in English or Ashoj Month on Nepali Calendar. This festival will be running for up to 15 days, from the first day of starting this year Gatathapana. After we have been finishing the SoraSarat with 16 days’ finish back the Dashain will be held there. 

I have said that my Dashain will be very good. I have also eaten Khasi meat this Dashain. Today was fun. What I enjoy is that I also enjoy being alone. No one comes to my Dashain. And even the days of fun in my family have never been happy for me. Ever since I was a child, my father used to fight with my mother and scolded the saint.

This last Dashain was brought with Chayenra near our house. They are also given cheaply here. And all the people went to see it to get it. And we brought it on our scooter. He came home with it and we worked on it that day. In our country, there have never been days of happiness that made me want to enjoy myself. I don’t like to sit and have fun with many people during Dashain.

I don’t even know what that fun is. Memories came on that day. The thought of having fun with Dashain did not come from childhood. On that day, I remembered the day before. Even today, I talked to Baba that I will buy it on the day of Dashain, but Baba took less money. Once taken, you wear it for years and shout at me.

In Dashain, others celebrate to be seen. But in our family, the only thing that was done was to yell and get angry. And there has never been a happier day in this house. In this Dashain, I have done tika work. On the day of Tika, some people do not pay attention. He wants to stay at home and enjoy himself. I just want to stay at home.

May be fun on my Dashain day. There is also meat in the house. And eat meat and celebrate with your family. There is no need to enjoy this Dashain. If others wear tika, we have to stay at home and enjoy it. We should be happy in our house. You have to make yourself happy in your own home.

If everyone in your house is happy, everyone is happy. You have to go on that happy day too. Happiness makes everyone want to have fun. No one is interested in my Dashain day. In Dashain, you want to play your heart out. I would like to add blogs and social media posts to your website. He has decided to upload it on his channel as well.

I thought in my heart that I will enjoy this Dashain. I have had to cry for Baba since morning and I am also angry. Baba also has to control that anger. If you shout like this on the Tika day of Dashain, then you have performed enjoy yourself. Dashain is celebrated with joy. It is better to celebrate with your family. Everyone has uploaded videos on their social media accounts. Posted on your wall.

My internet money has run out on this Dashain day. I remembered that day. If it is not the Internet, how will I be? I have to do something myself if the internet goes down. I also thought that the things I have done are still good. You will have fun on Dashain day. Thinking of having fun with mine too. On the day of Dashain, the mother is talking about going to her uncle’s house. What happens every day? We will know only tomorrow.

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