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I Request $ecom Card From Kumari Bank Limited

I Request $ecom Card From Kumari Bank Limited You do get a document which does state who it is from, though the signature is slightly out of order, so they didn’t have to have the right to sign. For your bank to accept electronic payment from you, though, they need the card number in the document they’re asking for.

I don’t believe the Bank was asking for any personal information other than the amount you were paying, because if they had asked that, then this would have caused the payment to be blocked. The limited information was as simple as Card Name and Bank.

The same applies to your cardholder, and I have confirmed that this was requested on the card, so the bank would have asked for a few bits of information about you from your bank, such as your Bank Number. From that, you would get a temporary password for your card. I believe that that should have been limited to 1 day or 1 hour. The cardholder doesn’t need the latest password, that would probably get you blocked. It should be noted that the billing address Request $ecom Card From Kumari Bank Limited.

How to request $ecom Card From Kumari Bank Limited?

Simple you need to visit your nearest branch office of kumari bank or you need request from via mobile banking of kumari bank. You need documents like PP Size Image, Pan Card, KYC Update, Copy of Citizenship, and Self-declaration card application. While making to request into your card it will be vail up to only 5 years. These cards were used in international transactions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook/Instagram/Youtube promotions. 


Fees and Charges

S.N  Particulars  Charge Amount 

Issuance Fee  NPR 500

Annual Fee  – 

PIN regeneration Fee 

Card Replacement/Reissue Fee  NPR 500

Reload Fee  NPR 500 

How we can request a $ecom Card from the Mobile bank of Kumari Bank Limited?

Simple there is follow step we can follow up to request from your mobile banking account which you are using from there. Below the step, you might follow up there.

  • Goto Kumari Bank Mobile Apps.
  • Login your Mobile Number and Passwords.
  • You can see the option More Option there
  • Click on the More Option. You can see the Request Option.
  • You can see four options Like Chequebook Request, Statement Request, Card Request, and Kumari Sky Club Card.
  • You must click on Option 3 > Card Request.
  • You can see Card Type > Collect From Branch > Amount (in Dollar) > PAN No > Email Address
  • Click on Process Option
  • Again Click on I Agree on Option.
  • Your form was requested to be submitted from your Mobile Banking Account.

After a few minutes later it will be an automatic charge from the system way which your amount dedicated from the system according to the dollar rate of today. You will be received a mobile bank SMS to cut the amount from there. After then you need to wait a few days then you will be received a call from the respective branch office.

Noted that you need to wait for system update from respective branch office they will be follow up from the system way to do. Per Year you will be doing only $500 per transaction were limited to your card. If you were finished within one year. Next year you will be getting again $500 dollar to do their transaction over there. 

If any have any queries about my question related to this issue you might be a card with the Card department office of kumari bank limited in Kathmandu. Your need also calls direct from Card Department into there. Hope you will like this information under this article to follow up there. 

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