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Last day of June Month 2022Last day of June Month 2022

Last day of June Month 2022 it will be past it out already 30 days. Even I were had make a post under June is my favourite month and my birthday month also. When I write this article into the first day of June 1st I will be sharing lot of things happen to see there. Because the people will be happy to see there.

Hope all those things I will be share it out to you here. Each and every part I will be share into this month. Since this month my sister of Januka Baral getting a operations of her health since longer time it will be waiting for doing into there. Right now she were into the hospital in Pokhara. Mother will be waiting and guides to teach them.

Even I also visiting daily to see with her condition have to see there. Everything’s will be fined coming days which the god will be help with us there. Under the month of June 19 my sister were going for ready for hospital to making a operation into her health.

Yesterday I got a problem happen into my account which I will be got policy centre violence happen into there. Even I have been check it out into my website what will be wrong into there. Because there is not case happen to see into my account. Even I have getting any promotion into my website traffic to getting to reach with them. Some of person will be said to me you should be close the ads to turn off there.

But didn’t anything happen into my account there. Even I have seen into my account that were coming the direct source of traffic visitor were coming there. While the traffic will coming from social media it might be effect harmful with to you there. All of post were ranking into my google search from direct source which I check out there.

Under this June 2022 I were making the learn something learn from there. Even each and every part I will be learn and fail to make reach the mistake happen to improve into myself there. Some of video I were really confuse under this case to do while find out the policy getting into my website there.

I hope Google AdSense team will be looking into my issue they will be make update to remove the limited ads from there. I will be checking into there also there. Even I haven’t checking out time to time into own website to see there. When I got the problem sometime I were checking into there.

Under this June month I got another facing issue into my google ads account which got suspended into my account there. Because without any reason I were getting into there. Even daily I were checking with the staff to check it out there and please slove this issue. Even I had been wait for more then two weeks but the account still under checking by the teams.

I go this another tension happen to create into there. Even some of amount were that account. Since pervious I were getting a problem happen to into there. Getting a problem happen verify issue into there. Then I create again a new account from the same Gmail to runs the ads from there.

During this month I have got birthday month which cannot make celebrate this year because the big sister will moving to hospital to make a operations about her. Under this days I will be pray for her keep safe and make good operations from doctor from there. Even the parents will be worried to feels it out can this operation will be successful or not. But everything were fine and normal way to patient will be fine out there.

Hope so next year it will be celebrated a own birthday  party with big huge of amount spending into my birthday there. Birthday is also most of important part of things which the people will be know well. Under this I feels make sadly feels while happen in birthday date.

Hope you will be read it out this blog post to mention out what will be happen under this month. This June 2022 will be make remembered whole day of year which spending into my days past to goes on.

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