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JugJug Jeeyo reviewJugJug Jeeyo review

JugJug Jeeyo Review the new Hindi film Jugjugg Jeeyo (Live Long and Prosper) reminds me of the recent Malayalam release Jo and Jo. The latter was about a daughter facing discrimination from her mother who dumps household chores on the girl while leaving her son free to lounge around. Jo and Jo were so fearful of antagonizing the audience beyond their threshold of tolerance for liberalism, that each time it showed the daughter rightly protesting against injustice within the family, it also swiftly softened the blow by trivializing her and her concerns.

Kukoo Saini (Varun Dhawan) and Naina Sharma (Kiara Advani) are rotting in a cold marriage filled with bitterness. He resents her professional achievements because he shifted countries to support her career, and has been unable to make it himself. The two decide to divorce. Shortly afterward, Kukoo discovers that his Patiala-based father too wants out of his marriage of over three decades

Jugjugg Jeeyo’s apologetic feminism aims to cater to both feminists and conservatives. As a consequence, it is neither here nor there and may as well be nowhere.

This is, however, not what makes the film a physically painful experience. As Jugjugg Jeeyo swings wildly between comedy and gravitas, as it occasionally quietly inserts counterpoints to its own overt progressiveness, one quality remains a constant: loudness. Make that two qualities that also weighed down the interesting messaging in the director’s earlier film, Good Newz: loudness, and the clichéd representation of Punjabis as a noisy, boisterous community.

It is shown right here in this film. The story is told very well. The film gets to the point very quickly. You are not even tired of laughing and laughing that the interval is done. Then in the second half also the dose of fun and emotion continues. Director Raj Mehta did not let loose his grip on the film at all. The comic punch is amazing. The film also makes you laugh, makes you cry, and also makes you emotional.

Every actor has done tremendous acting in the film. Anil Kapoor is very much in the character of Varun Dhawan’s father. He laughs with his expression. Anil Kapoor makes you laugh whenever he comes on screen. Varun Dhawan has done an amazing job. One is troubled by the wife, and the other is troubled by the father. Varun has brilliantly expressed this problem on his face. Kiara Advani is currently the most amazing actress in Bollywood. Giving hits one after the other and here to Kiara shines differently among all the stars.

Is this the story of the film?

First let’s talk about the story of the film, which revolves around Kuku Saini (Varun Dhawan) and Naina Sharma (Kiara Advani). Both love each other since childhood. Both also get married. Both work in different companies and both have different shifts. While Kuku has the night shift, Naina works in day shift. Due to this, there is a rift in their relationship and they decide to get divorced shortly after the marriage. But in the meantime, sister Ginni is in Kuku’s house.

The sky of Anil and Neetu’s experience

The film ‘Jug Jug Jio’ draws from the experience of Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor in the cast. Whenever the film seems to be a bit weak, Anil Kapoor fills it with his strange character. The film starts blossoming when Neetu Kapoor talks about her habits and troubles in the ‘charity’ scene of her husband in front of Mira Bunny Tisca Chopra, while her pretense of falling ill handles the story of their affair.

Now a person may be good or bad, but where do habits get lost! This is the essence of the film ‘Jug Jug Jio’. This is why the film passes the test of family entertainment because it is a matter of two generations apart from the generation gap two generations to adjust to the changing thinking of the two generations. The film is fine for a family outing on the weekend.


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