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Are You Excited in Super Dancer NepalAre You Excited in Super Dancer Nepal

Are You Excited in Super Dancer Nepal is a reality show first time ever we’re doing this show back in Nepal. From Jesth 21-31 the team’s super dancer Nepal will be making running auditions in their city to select a dancer from different cities in Nepal. This shows is presented by RealMe and Powered by Dish home Fiber and Tvs Ntroq 125cc Rt-Fi. 

Most Nepali people’s children were participating in the Super Dancer India to join their performance to give their best but they aren’t moving forward to a final round as from Nepal countryside. Since few Akash Thapa were nomination at the final round to showing their good performance in Indian reality shows in super dancer India. He goes into the Top 4 round in Super Dancer India in Chapter 2. 

Like a lot of Nepali people of children, they will make support their own children to gets their talent within infornt of judges were will choose them. Most of the people were really excited to watch these shows on Kantipur Tv. Even the teams were not discussing the judge’s name and hosting name till now. They have been mentioned only the Audition round date only. 

This show will be uploaded to the Youtube channel of OSR Reality and Kantipur Tv will be showing into there.  A lot of people will be seen and watched on tv. I hope all teams will be still working under this one. Even we also make best wishes to all of the teams who are running the first season in super dancer Nepal. 

Even today, the Auditions are roaming towards their city. If you want to get an acquainted update with the present OSR Reality on YouTube, you will know everything there is to know. You know this for yourself. No matter what some people say, even on social media. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Even today, such shows and showing’s talents are brought to Nepal. Everyone has to give a chance. How many of your names are also mentioned in these shows?

After the completion of these auditions, the programs may have been started. In the days to come, we will be able to represent the people here. It remains to be seen in the days to come why the parents here have supported their promises to go to this show. Super Dancer Nepal has also made a name for itself in all countries. There are a lot of chances from this show to international shows as well. Because of your talent, everyone is known by your name from home and abroad.

Please comment below on how you like my post. You may also be excused for these shows. You may have also given auditions. You may have taken your promise for Super Dancer Nepal to your city by going to the auditions. It will come soon. You have to wait. They will come here after the audition is over.

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