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Super Dancer Nepal Audition StartedSuper Dancer Nepal Audition Started

Super Dancer Nepal Audition Started is the most popular reality show which is the child up to 14 years contestant will be making performances on this show. Some Indian users can make wishes message all of the Nepali partner teams with great work under this show there.

It will be held on the Kantipur TV Nepali channel will be running out there. They have mentioned the promotion about the promo trailer on their side to give their best talent found from the different cities of Nepal. Even the wild rapper of teams will be coming out the different cities of Nepal they will be checking out the make decided to select from the lives round in Kathmandu.


Super Dancer Nepal Audition Started from Jestha 21-28 date of the Nepali calendar the teams of dancers will be coming into your city. Be ready for that showing your own talent over there. Hope all Nepali children will give their level up the best moment to feel out there. Even I also be excited what will be getting a service and facilities give back their talent into the stage side.

A lot of users will be mentioned on the official page to follow their latest update to check out there. Even some users will be found this trailer on a channel on YouTube. Let’s see what will happen during the audition round in the different cities of Nepal.

All teams will choose the talent in each and every part of Nepal in the city area place. Some of the children will follow the super Dancer Indian reality which this shows will be running up to season 4 till the shows must begin on it. Even the Nepali contestant also be going there to give their talent the best in the audition round there. Some of them failed the audition in their city area while judges can choose the person who dances on the stage.

All of the children will be ready to give their best and they are doing well in preparation for these shows there. Keep stat teams with the next update while the announcement will be happen on social media.

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  1. Hii I am aarushisaud. I am 10 years old.
    I want to be a famous dancer in my future.plzz super dancer Nepal give me a chance to participate in super dancer Nepal plzz
    Thank u

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