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F3  Movie Review and Release DateF3  Movie Review and Release Date

F3  Movie Review and Release Date Anil Ravipudi and Victory Venkatesh’s duo is coming up with a sequel, F3. It is all set to release worldwide on Today. The film said to be a full-length comedy entertainer, has already grabbed the audience’s attention with its promising trailer.

The eagerly awaited “F3” movie is finally set to hit the theaters. This mega-movie was expected to hit the big screen on 27 January 2019 but the release date has been pushed back to February of 2019. The F3 movie is making a lot of buzz in the air and it is expected to be the biggest movie of 2019. In this guide, we will be looking at the F3 release date, cast, and how to watch F3 online.

What Is the Film About?
Venky (Venkatesh) and Varun Yadav (Varun Tej) are ordinary guys with ordinary lives. Their struggle is all about money. One day they hear about a wealthy industrialist in Vijayanagaram who is looking for his heir. What happens when Venky, Varun and the gang arrive at his doorsteps pretending to be his heir is the movie’s basic plot.

Venkatesh is the lifeline of F3, much like he was with F2. He literally eats anyone on-screen with him. Anil Ravipudi also knows the same, and he puts excellent use of the comedy timing of the star. The narrative is built involving many actors, but it is Venkatesh who stands out with the impeccable timing. Coming to Varun Tej, he seems to be well aware of the monster at the other end and never tries to overdo anything. He sticks to his characters, and that works well in standing alone. His character comes with a particular trait which requires a specific body language.

Anand Prasad (Murali Sharma), an influential businessman is in search of his lost heir. Venky, the sole breadwinner of a family in cinematic crisis, provides shortcut services. Varun is an expert day dreamer. They attempt to get rich via the trap the rich girl scheme, only the rich girl happens to be Tamannah’s sister Mehreen, who have the same plan. One thing leads to another, and the group finds themselves in a tough spot in need of money to get out from.

As with F2, do not expect any logics in F3. Check In your thinking hats outside the theater and only expect to be treated to Director Anil Ravipudi’s trademark slapstick comedy. Where F2 dealt with fun and frustration in relationships, F3 shows us the fun(?) and frustrating sides of not having the money that you want.

Hope you will be like all of review and think about this film movie. Even the movie were full of fun and entertaining act will be showing into there. This film will be released in May 27, 2022. Even today Friday will be running into the different hall in Indian place. Most of people will be excited to see his movie to shows there.

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