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Why Balen Shah Support this Election in NepalWhy Balen Shah Support this Election in Nepal

Why Balen Shah Support this Election in Nepal which we went from a place of Kathmandu place go there. Since a few weeks ago the election will be held in Baisakh 30th of 2079 which whole part of Nepal will be run for the voting day will there. The latest news of Balen Shah will be winning this election as the mayor in Kathmandu Nagarpalika.

Day by Day the news report will point out that Balen Shah will be getting over 40k votes for the election from Kathmandu. Some young and old people will make support him. Even the public will know which person will become coming under this election and whom they can do working with to handle the case of the voice of people.

In my view, there are too many dirty parties were happen to see on the river side and road area side which it will be makes harmful to us. Even the local people didn’t control this one. They cannot make to need and clean the valley of Kathmandu. Even the leader of local people they have been speak during the voting time after they can win the election he/she never came back to meet the person individual to listen to the people’s voice there.

If he will be the winner of this election lot of people will make learn about him. He will make handle the case under the people for 5 years. Even he will be sure I will win this election. Even the Nepali people will comment negative way about him. He cannot do anything after he wins this election. Some of the parties will be made worried can I lose this election.

Daily local people of Kathmandu they will be made to meet with Balen Shah to see them. Some interviews will be faced out. Before election time and after election time he tries to talk about his own voice to give their interviews which reporters will be asking him questions there. Some of the news reports will also take photos where Balen doing vote in his place.

I hope so he will be trying to best to make way to easy to see a clean way to see in Kathmandu valley. He will be raised to listen to the public voice and he will make mask moments of meeting into places what will be done and what he cannot do after coming the budget time to invest.

He will be making a team working under a working person to handle cases of a social person. Let’s what will be happening in Kathmandu’s upcoming days in Kathmandu. If the people will be happy they can share some of the video clips on their social media page to get the smart city in Kathmandu.

All the best to Balen Shah who makes to winning the mayor election in Nagarpalika in Kathmandu. Hope be will try their best to meet the people and handle the case to move notice to them. All people will make support him.

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