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OMG! Assam flood in India TodayOMG! Assam flood in India Today

OMG! Assam flood in India Today The Indian Meteorological Department forecast very heavy to extremely heavy rain in the region for the next three days. Assam will stay on ‘red alert’ for Wednesday as well. Several parts of Assam are battered by heavy showers, flooding, and landslides, with road and rail links, cut off from the mainland of the state. Communication lines have also snapped in some parts of Assam, completely isolating those stuck in the flood-hit and low-lying areas. 

At least 11 people have died in floods and mudslides triggered by heavy rainfall in Assam. Road and rail links were cut off as heavy rain and flooding with landslides continued to wreak havoc in Assam. Nearly 2 lakh people in 20 districts of the state have been adversely impacted by the floods, a PTI report stated.

Overall, around 1,97,248 people have been affected by the floods and landslides. Disaster management officials said Cachar and Hojai districts are the worst hit. A state bulletin said the Dima Hasao district has been completely cut off due to landslides and a breakdown of communication channels, adding that all roads and railways leading to Haflong have been blocked since May 15.

All people will be in make danger zone while happening into the flood into that place to move on there. Since three days continue rainfall will be a reaction there. Even the whole state will be made be destroyed there. Even the government of India will be looking about there. Some of the people were goes into the safe zone place during the flood time there. 

I also feel bad. There also have many Nepali friends. That place is too big. People have to go to their place. People and the government has lost sight of this. The government’s help is also needed here. Politicians are still looking for people here.

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