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Will Balen Shah Select in Election in NepalWill Balen Shah Select in Election in Nepal

Will Balen Shah Select in Election in Nepal a few days ago the election will be held all over the countryside in Nepal? Since the Balen Shah was from the place of Kathmandu area. Since a lot of fans and people will give them vote for Balen. All candidates will give a vote for him from audience side of viewpoint to give a vote for him.

He inspired the voice against the public people in the Kathmandu areas. He will be doing anything that happens and situations to understand the public recommendation to use them. But actually, I also didn’t know how will be doing after he will be selected in the election. Yesterday Baisakh 30th on Friday the election will be held to get a successful all place in Nepal. Some people’s places will be destroyed by a fight over there.

Minimum 64% of voters will give their people will be thinking about this. In some places, the voter will be counted there. In the city area, people will be make counted the vote from there. As Balen will also make selected under this election. We need to make development our country Nepal.

Even all of part in Kathmandu there are too many dirty parties were seen in roadside as well as a river also too. Even people in the sub- metro city will be handled to clean this area to give clean and fresh area will be seen there.

Hope all the best from my side for Balen Shah in this election. Hope one last he will be doing under this one case does. He will be doing anywhere people are against doing the problem to solve it out there. He will be trying to take control of the pollution in the main city part of the Kathmandu area. Hope so all candidates will be given the vote for Balen on yesterday’s voting day in Nepal.


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