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Khalti Ma OnePlus 10 Pro – Only Rs 50Khalti Ma OnePlus 10 Pro – Only Rs 50

Khalti Ma OnePlus 10 Pro – Only Rs 50 By Khalti, “Khalti in the Khalti in the Khalti’s recharged is going to win ‘ One Plus 10 Pro. This offer will be only the Khalti user who had been know this one offer.

This campaign was running for up to one month the user will be getting daily one lakh Khalti points each and every month during this offer time to get there. Even the Khalti will be made this offer to get into touch to feel out their user attractive giveaway participation under this offer.


How to Rs 50 Ma OnePlus 10 Pro in Khalti
1. You need to log in from the website or app.
2. Goto Features Services
3. You can see Rs 50 Ma OnePlus 10 Pro click there.
4. You can click there you can choose or select rs 50 ma OnePlus 10 Pro
5. Enter your mobile number to get eligible under this offer.
6. After then click on submit button.

Terms and conditions to follow before joining this offer.

1. It will apply to Baisakh-8, 2079 to JASTHA-21.
2. Participants in the “Khalti in Khalti of Khalti” on OnePlus 10 in Khalti, 10 PRO “Rs. Will have to pay 50. Will get the amount back as a recharge.
3. In this offer, all of Khalti’s KYC Verified Users and agents will be involved. If KYC is not verified, it should be done by bed 21.

4. “Khalti has Rs. 10 PRO” Rs. No cashback will be obtained in recharges of 50.
5. This offer will not be validated by recharge from the top-up of Khalti.
6. The declaration of Bijat will be done on the Facebook page through LuckyDraw through Luxbook Drawing on Festival Day.
7. Bumper gifts will be bets by all the taxes of taking on plus 10 pros.

This is where we have been following before joining this offer time to get into there. Hope all users will be must follow it. Hope all Nepali people will be making follow-ups there. Even the people will be must join during this campaign period. Since yesterday evening they had been publishing on their official page on social media then I will be direct join this offer from there.

Hope you will like this post to mention to publish to users to get to chance to win this offer for all. Hope you will be share with all your friends to get this offer there.

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