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Sadighata Village of KaskiSadighata Village of Kaski

Sadighata Village of Kaski is the place where the people will belives in this village. Near to cover my hills of heavy water flowing into the top of hills area side there. From Pokhara, we have been moving the Pokhara-Baglung highway we can be cross the opposite side from Milanchowk Hemja place to go there. Half an Hour we have been arrived at this place to go there. 

But the road was fine while moving from Scooter, Bike, Jeep and Bus, etc were moving this place to go there.  There is one bridge were have been established already there. Since that people will be made worrier make this thing to do there. The road was a little bit offroad were we unable to get to reach this place go there. 

I also had fun after reaching that place. And there has the opinion to work in her own house. That place was fun too. And only after going to that place, even the fold itself. And the people of that place have an opinion about doing their homework.

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I like recommended those people while visiting this place we have been facing out the river flowing into that place even as the road were too much difficult to move on there. And he had to do his own thing. There is an opinion that people live less in that place and there is also a school in that place. And now he has gone to his school and left the post. I was happy Many people may not have been to that place.

I also thought that I would go to that place and do a lot of work. There is also a small video shot in that place. Going to that place today, I lost myself. In that place, people are also engaged in their work. People still enjoy the service in that place. This place is also the place of the Tourist Area. From that place, you can go to other places. You may go there once and you will feel yourself.

We have also seen old designed houses in the villages. I also remember the places of interest in that place the day before. People have suffered a lot that day. Gone are the days of sorrow. There were many people in the days of sorrow. And there used to be people in the village house but now the people are also flocking to the market.

Leave their old houses and move to other places. How do people live in that place, even old people? I still don’t know much about that place. If he goes, he knows everything by himself. 

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