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I wanted to do something with my fatherI wanted to do something with my father

I wanted to do something with my father In my house, my father has only done a lot of shouting, even small things. My grandfather’s name is Krishna Baral. This man lives in Pokhara. But I am the son of This. Because I am the youngest son, I have suffered in many ways. I am still very sad. He has to understand his son’s words, but he doesn’t have to.

How many days have I been abusing this house for so long? It may seem that I did not get married because of the fire. I don’t even have anyone’s support. The people here are not happy about what I have done. There are also bad thoughts about what I have done. I also work on YouTube and blogging websites. But with the support of my family, I can benefit from many things. People still say what a day I grew up in this house. Why am I so obsessed with the shouts of this family?

I am talking about my father. I have been wanting to say this for a long time. My father does the work of Machinery. I have gone to do that work but my father is very fortunate in his work. But it doesn’t even matter what your son is. What I have said so far is that I have to talk to myself about what I have written in my life. My lovebirds are also very bad. After waking up in the morning, the screaming starts. The day begins with a shout. There is nothing better than doing things.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. I have talked a lot. Why is it that I have helped things here, but I still haven’t done anything? I have also helped him in every work. I don’t care if I lose my job here. I have to learn, but I will never say that I will do it.

My little one is screaming and the whole family is distracted at home. And because of the little things that come with the sons. Some words are written in the mind. This will never be forgotten. Even if he dies here, this thing also plays in his mind. I don’t have any help or support from my father. Father didn’t even expect me to do it. He is happy to give the money he has earned to others. If your son eats, he is also very abusive.

Even though I haven’t eaten a lot since I was little, it hurts a lot to cry. Many things have also affected the termite. The work that affects the fire has been done day by day. One day, I got very angry because of this. I wouldn’t do anything if that guy didn’t make a mistake. When he has spoken and shouted about it, there will never be peace in that house.

The reason I did my stupid thing is that I was released because of the habit of shouting. I’ve been to this place in my life, but I also have a file and a record. It seems to me that there is a reason for filing. I have touched on a lot of things. I don’t want to stay at home even after hearing that touch. I also like to be alone.

Seeing me burst out has also made me angry. I like to think about what to do. This is because of fact that people tend to focus on their work in many ways. I have said in my own words that you may be shocked yourself. It seems to me that my work has not been successful because of Father.

It is still spoken by the mouth. But even here, his hobby has never been better. There is also pain in many things. There is also the matter of hurting. You have to go to work. It is also possible to be angry with oneself. I don’t like angry people either. And the people who solve it don’t like it either. I also have an opinion that if you talk about what comes into your mouth after solving it, it will affect your heart.

There is no love for his family because of the reason. I don’t think people who don’t love their wives do the same to their sons. Even today, their father talks about the idea of ​​what he has done for himself. It is also possible to talk about one’s inner self. The wife and Husband do that together at night. It is said that my sons did not do it. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. I have to carry a lot of things in my life. Everything will be known on that coming day.

I am talking about my father. I have also told you the things that are on my mind. There are many stories to be told about my plight. There is a whole history of one’s life when it comes to talking about my life. Shouting and getting angry is one.

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