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ARNA Nephop Ko ShreepechARNA Nephop Ko Shreepech

ARNA Nephop Ko Shreepech is the number one reality show first time launched in Nepal. This shows hosted by Suzta Shrestha. There are three judges in this show. Their names are Girish Khatiwada, Balen, Manas Ghale. This show is directed by Nikesh Khadka. It will be co-operated partner with digital OSR Digital on Youtube Channel. They are already running out into Episode up to 5 which will be running out the Audition round with the different cities of Nepal.

Even there is some stories and his passion for working their talent is found in the different place of Nepal or different place in the city they can be found out of them. While this shows out into the youtube channel or channel shows then the people will be found this shows must listen and must be supported this shows all over into the world also too. 

They are found true and stranger talents find out the place in the city area. Even they are must be welcome to back to give their talent showing into there. Nephop is also alike a rapper and talks talkative showing into the talent infornt to shows there. I have been found this reality on the youtube channel while searching about these shows must be supportive and give respect to their talent for showing up there. 

ARNA Nephop Ko Shreepech There are also a lot of people who like this show. Nowadays, the boys of Yong Aage have heard of it and in the days to come, the boys of the Yong Generation will also come here to hear about it. In the coming days, Nepalis will also support this show. I think this show is very good. For those people, this show is also a honeymoon. If you don’t know about this, you will have to spend the next season in general.

Boys and girls can do it. It’s a show of rap show. He will also show it by his truth. Judge is the one who loses the part here, the part is good, the part is said to be bad. If you select here, you will have to go to the next round. Many people are also learning to inspire. I also got this show where I will show my talents a lot.

You should still watch this program carefully. You may wonder why we don’t like these shows. And if you do it yourself, it will be easier for you. Whatever the mind says, it will be very good for you. 

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