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My Saturday blog Story Part 62

My Saturday blog Story Part 62 I woke up this morning. And woke up last night. And I have lost the world. And I was not sleepy. And I slept again. And after waking up I cleaned my room and I went to my kitchen room. And I drank hot water and I also drank tea. And I had to work out after eating. And quickly I put on my clothes. And the scooter I started on my own. And we took the car to New Road and from Teh we went to Ranipowwa with that car to that place.

And we also used it to fit the motor. Then we drove to Amar Singh. To do And we went to that place with the same stuff. It was very hot in that place. And we worked even in the summer. In the summertime, we also worked during the day. And he also went to work with the same in the workshop.

And we have come to our home. And after coming home, we went to the workshop again. And he did that by working in a workshop. That is what Amar Singh did again. And he went to that place with his belongings. Today may be the day of Saturday. Many people were not even hit. It is easy to come to our house during the day. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

This is what happened on this day. It was hot in that place too. And the man in the workshop was very sick. We even went to see those people. And the little man was not well. And let us know if anything happens here. We were told that, but we didn’t have to.

And that’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. We will complete that work. We even paid for the car. And that man was happy too. And our reckoning was over and the man was happy too. Even today, that person always has a lot of work to do.

My Saturday blog Story Part 62 And after completing that work, I came to my house and I got cold and light. And I went and sat in her room. And we also slept for a while in that place and we also wanted to sleep by doing that work. By working, I didn’t even feel like doing that. This is how it is today. On that day, people are still loved, and in our city, people are still loved.

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