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No War in Ukraine Stop Russia FightingNo War in Ukraine Stop Russia Fighting

No War in Ukraine Stop Russia Fighting since a few days ago there some mistake behind to get this thing to happen to misunderstand between two countries there. Even the USA people will be supporting a Ukrainian country. Thousand of people will be destroyed their life. They have fought to save the country.

Still, there is no sleep the person who had in the danger zone area of city or another place in Ukraine because Russian people will be attacked anytime towards Ukraine. As Ukraine people will be said to them please stop fighting to make war between the country we need to agreement points misunderstanding among them.

In Ukraine, people were not saved while the people will be staying in a safe place. Even the big build will be made by the airplane to shoot a boom with them. Even the army police will make a fight with them. Even government will be make tried to make a fight them. If both countries will be doing this thing they can’t stop what will be a reaction between two countries.

Still other countries were live to make worked into that country but they have to make harmful situations will be created there. A lot of people will be making donations with Ukraine to save the person. Even a lot of countries will be trying to make them donate with them. Even they had been paid with the digital way of the platform to get them to save the people.

Russia’s government didn’t understand what Ukraine will be made to stop fighting with them. If you doing like this they cannot make stop their war. Day by day people will die while fighting with them. A lot of people will be made leave a country to goes another country. Since foreign country will be returning their own home.

The whole night they cannot sleep well while boom makes attract anytime there. I want to say to them please stop such type of activity happening to do into there. Hope you make compared with them. No War in Ukraine Stop Russia Fighting I will be made pray to save the people who will be in Ukraine. Help with them to make donations if you possibly such type to make give fund to them.

At this time we need to make help them to do this one. I have been fond of a lot of news that happens on social media even the people will make cry a lot. They have shit in their own room to save their family. Even the small children undifferent while this happens to see there. Hope you might be share this article to mention to make help with them. Please try to make strong and keep saving the people while in danger.

Don’t make lose your hope. Hope everything was fine upcoming days between the two countries. They can stop the fight with them. Please make them save support with them. Ukraine wants to make freedom fight to stop the war with Russia. Hope they can stop this activity.

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