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My Saturday blog Story Part 61My Saturday blog Story Part 61

My Saturday blog Story Part 61 I woke up this morning from bed and I went to my kitchen room and there was there and I washed my face and I also brushed my hair in the bathroom. And I went to my kitchen and drank hot water again and I drink tea. And my mother gave me food and I ate. And I went out for a while. And there was no loss outside. And I was basking in the sun for a while. And Maya’s mother asked me how much money she had spent on me. And that’s what I said. And I came back to my house.

And towards the ground who left Buffalo. And he went with his mother. I wanted to go to Jesus too and I went too. And they went to that place and sat there for a while and disappeared. And I have come to my house again. And I had to publish a blog post and I was posting that blog post on my mobile. And I did a Google search, edited a photo from my Pixellab, and posted it on my website.

I had planned to fly Drone today but I had to do it and later I got very bored and because of that, I can benefit from that. I was sitting on my umbrella driving my mobile and my mother was also coming. And the mother had become the food envelope. And after eating together and brushing, I went upstairs and sat in the sun again. Just sitting in the sun for a while. And again, sitting in his room, Moby is driving and sitting.

They were watching and watching YouTube videos on their mobiles. And I was watching other people’s videos on my channel. And that the work I have done is still going on and that it will be a success. I have lost everything that interests me. And many will say that you have to do the best you can. But I also thought that it might be wrong.

Many people have an opinion that a lot of things work. And I also lost some News. There is a lot of talk on YouTube about Paul Shah. Some people have spoken badly. Some people say good things. However, it seems to me that people are of the opinion that it is very difficult for people to understand that you are right. I also mentioned that post in my blog post, but it also makes me wonder why people do this.

I had lost sight of that on Facebook and how badly I felt. And I did my best during the day. And Mom is going out now. I also think that I can open my laptop and make blog posts on my website. I am saying that you have to do a lot of posts on your website. My Saturday blog Story Part 61 were ended here to know how I was spending this day to move on there. 

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Nowadays it is very hot and even sitting in a room makes me feel very hot. Please tell, what’s the story of them  Why are you so interested in replying to your comments? Many people do not reply to their comments. Now that it’s hot, I can’t sleep at night. I also feel like sleeping during the day. This is the end of today’s blog story. Please tell, what’s the story of them.

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